The Foundation

The Styled By Naida Foundation is dedicated to empowering and educating those from less fortunate communities about the importance of professional dress, self awareness, budgeting and professional etiquette.  We have been assisting the community for years with apparel and toiletry donations. Now, we are expanding that service to include informational seminars on professional appearance, etiquette, code switching, financial literacy and budgeting with minimal resources.

For those that wish to contribute to the community service that our company has been providing anonymously, please fill out the contact form below. We accept all clothing, shoe, jewelry and toiletry donations.  501 (c) 3 status approved.


  • Code Switching is an interactive 2 hour seminar teaching the importance of professional etiquette and adjusting to a professional environment through appearance, communication etiquette and mannerisms. Price dependent on number of participants.  10 participants minimum.
  • Dress for Success is a structured 2-4 hour course that incorporates real life scenarios through photography on what is and is not professional attire. During the course there are individual consultations with a fit specialist, fashion showcase and opportunity to purchase clothing at highly discounted prices. Organizations that participate in this program may be qualified for vouchers for their participants. Pricing is dependent on the number of participants. 10 participants minimum.
  • Resource Management is a 1 hour class designed to give participants tips and tricks for saving money on apparel shopping. We highlight thrifting as a cost saving alternative to normal shopping outlets. Guests will receive a list of local stores and discounts that are offered by each, charities that are associated with those thrift stores and how they manage their resources to find the best options for their household needs. Price Dependent on number of participants.  10 participants minimum.